5 Steps To Enter 2022 With Best Foot Forward

New Year Parade : Join Or Leave

Take off the Pressure to Get your life together.

Let go of the idea that the beginning of the year is supposed to be a new beginning for you as well. The media all over will compel you to read up, workout till your abs are visible and get started with at least 3 new jobs.

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Do not succumb to it. Realize that the trajectory of your life does not have to take an upward jump just because it’s the first day of the Gregorian calendar.

Past Year Before New Year

It is way better to look back at the past year. Everything you are grateful for. All the good things and all the bad ones as well.

To do what is being said in the first step. I’ll be honest. It’s easier said than done to let go of the pressure. Let it be to party hard or work hard as the year ends.

Reflect on past years and learn what is gained and what is lost. To barge forward you have to be in clear about what has passed already.

Old Year Old Me

Do one this one thing. Create a list of everything you consumed in the past year. This will help you to get to know yourself better. Thanks to social media upgrade, everything we watch and consume gets recorded.

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I mean, companies out there selling this data to know human behavior more. They do this to cater to your personal choices. Now do the same for yourself. With every piece of content, figure out the emotion you felt.

After completing this exercise, which theme or genre you repeated the most. Were you high on nostalgia or were looking for things to laugh at?

New Year New Me

Well the next step becomes, making a list of everything you would like to do in the coming year. This list will roughly tell you where your head space is going to be. It can be related to education, travel, exploration, and food.

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Even if lockdown prevails you can pursue these to the best of your capacities. By joining an online course, reading up about the places you wish to visit, or trying your hand at cooking.

COVID Is Still Going On

Be mindful of the current situation. Be as responsible as you can. What is worse than being stuck at home is being stuck cause you are sick. Do not be tone deaf at what people are going through.

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It is more than enough of restrictions, I know, but it is to save lives. Some of us are in a running nightmare. Be compassionate to others and yourself.



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